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Message From Inisiator

Dear Service Stars,

I am always excited to talk and discuss about how good a business creates value added to its customers. Some companies do understand exactly what we mean by value added whereas other still could not bother to create and develop value added for their customers. We have been trying to build cheaper price and better features value added for long time. This strategy has been followed by most of business players to penetrate in the markets with lower price or at par for what they can sell as the better product features. Branding also goes on to creating dream among the customers about specific brand character, personality and life style. However, we have almost forgotten that our great assets, which are our resources and employees, can actually create greater value added for our customers. They are the one who directly in contact with customers. Based on my experience, a company with good brand and cheaper price ,without good customer experience will not sustain in the market  for long. Our customers are dynamic and they keep changing. Thus, it results on changing to the demand and expectation. Therefore, it is very important to empower our  employees when dealing with customer day to day to keep the customer staying with us. Customer loves to have good experience dealing with frontliners, beside good brand, right price, and good features.

Experience is no longer a process that customers also must go through, but it is a profitability factor that customers delightfully demanded. When it is managed to be a differentiator there is an opportunity to price premium. Competitions are no longer based on what you sell but how you sell your products. Employee, frontliners, in fact become a major source of differentiator. Front liners' knowledge, attitude and skill in servicing customers are important determinant to leverage their competencies in keeping customers happy. Companies have long been establishing and upgrading frontliners knowledge, attitude and skill through recruitment, training, reward, and recognition  as well as through performance and incentive program. Major people cost are spent for developing their skills and competencies through a top down training. Unfortunately, this long traditional top down approach has not been very effective and efficient.

Customer service Championship is a bottom up approach for boosting and stimulating front liners service knowledge, attitude and skills' learning experience. It is a service learning experience. Every frontliner has direct opportunity to prepare, interact, learn, talk, watch and benchmark with other front liners from different industries. It is an horizon opening exercise and obviously a challenging and fun. It is a benchmarking where frontliners will be tested, taught, encouraged to perform and learnt and interacted with other group participant. It is also a rewarding experience and life long unforgettable learning experience as they will feel appreciated, respected, and proud of their task as frontliners. I am grateful to initiate and launch this program for industry since year 2004. Now, we have more than 1500 alumni, 30% of them are graduated as Service Stars, the Indonesian Service Stars. We hope that Customer Service Championship will stimulate Indonesian's awareness on how great is the impact of great customer service and the customer's happiness. Finally, We also hope that through this Customer Service Championship, every service people will be more respected and obtain their professionalism.

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